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ARS PACTUM: Lucille Beauchamp by okamaka ARS PACTUM: Lucille Beauchamp by okamaka

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 Lucille Beauchamp

Type: Magician

Contracted To: N/A

Affinity: Body Manipulation 

Specialties: Pheromone Creation - Seduction: Lucille had been passively using this ability for most of her life, as she naturally emits a high amount of pheromones without having to control it. People have gathered to her for whatever reason they made, either through her "looks" or her "nice smell" or her "approachable aura." Once she'd researched about this specialty she devoted a few years to strengthening her control over the powers of seduction to make people do what she wanted because they were so stricken. She is now able to "target" someone and make herself seem absolutely irrestible to them. In doing so, she essentially "controls" them into doing most whatever she wants, only having to go as far as providing a kiss on the cheek as a reward. However, this effect wears off after a few months, and she can also erase the spell before then. She has used this specialty to form several temporary pacta over many years, all lasting for as long as she'd liked. When someone is in a pactum with her, they also gain passively heightened pheromone secretion and are able to attract more members to her "group." Of course, she only forms a pactum with magicians who have specialties she can take advantage of. The highest number of temporary pacta she'd ever had was 7, and it caused her great pain, with occasional vomiting and skin rashes. She stays at 3 or 4 at a time now. The longest she'd ever been in a temporary pactum was 6 months.

Tier: 2

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birthdate: October 14, 1947

Height: 5'6" (167cm)

Nationality: French; speaks Belgian French, fluent in English and well versed in Dutch. 

Motif songs: 

- Witch's Temptation
- Sauna
-Tomorrow is Mine


  • Affable
  • Haughty
  • Distrustful
  • Confident
  • Manipulative
  • Sugar and Ice
  • Studious
Lucille is someone that, growing up, could have been considered a spoiled brat. Being born into a family of rich doctors can do that to a person. However, her assumption that she's been set for life has caused trouble in the past, so she's trying to work on it. She can be easily approached, but also just as easily push you away. One can't be sure if it's her passive control over pheromones that have drawn so many people to her over the years, but because she isn't sure how many people are drawn to her through her magic or through her actual personality, she tends to not trust everyone that greets her at first glance. Trust, for her, is something that needs to be built up over a long period of time. She only chooses someone to be in a temporary pactum with if they've shown that they can be trusted and also have an affinity that she can benefit from. 

She does still believe she's better than other people, though - namely humans. She used to honestly believe that humans were put on Earth for the sake of being used aa soul power banks for magicians who need to cast higher-order spells. She's changed her way of thinking since, but because she focuses her specialty on one to three people at a time, she doesn't really feel like she needs a human's help. She's very confident in her knowledge of seduction magic and believes she can get almost anything done if she can find someone to do it for her. Humans are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things from her point of view.

However, to her pactum partners and the people in her "group," she shows a very caring, loving side to them. One could speculate that this maternal and cozy attitude towards her contracted pacta is just a manipulative way of keeping them loyal to her, but others think it is one of the reasons that people stay in her "group" in the first place, even after the pactum expires. Keeping such a large network of magicians in her social life might be helping her fulfill some sort of insecurity, possibly related to the fact that her specialty relies on manipulating people into being attracted to her in the first place. It may not be the best solution, but as long as her magic holds up she is sure she can live comfortably like this.


Born in Belgium, Lucille was born to an especially privileged magician family. Both her mother and father are doctors, masters of the biological manipulation arcana, and her grandparents were also doctors, and so were her grandparent's parents. The affinity for biological manipulation ran in the family, and in a world in need of doctors and medical professionals, people like their family were in high demand. It makes sense, then, why Lucille felt as though she needed to become a doctor and be in the top echelon of the world alongside the rest of her family. 

The only problem was that she couldn't do it.

Either it was because the thought of controlling someone's body made her squeamish, or perhaps it was the fact that healing magic just didn't seem to "click" with her, but Lucille was just unable to wrap her head around the idea of using healing powers. All she was able to do was create an excessive amount of pheromones from her body, which was very useful during recess since everyone chose her first, but caused many problems in her childhood. One instance in particular was that when she was around 5 or 6 she attended a normal school because her parents had put her there in an attempt to let her begin to form some kind of relationships with other children. The class she was a part of ended up getting into a big class-wide fight over who would be her best friend. Needless to say, she soaked it all up like a sponge. She loved the attention. She was suspended shortly after for this and her parents decided to just hire someone to homeschool her about magic, but she still couldn't shake the fact that everyone was so ready to just be her friend. Throughout her studies with her tutor, she learned many things about magic, and began to discover more about her innate ability. Her parents enrolled her in Concordia as soon as possible so that she could start learning about healing magic and she had been there since, and once she learned exactly what pheromones were, she began to study what it was she was able to do. By the time she was 14, she had learned how to "target" her first classmate by essentially using her specialty to seduce them into her first temporary pactum. It was then after that she learned of how useful temporary pactums were, and started to feel like she didn't really even need to learn healing magic if she could just use other people's magic in a pactum to get work done.

However, when she was in Concordia's secondary school, she learned more about biology, how cells worked, how healing powers acted upon cell growth and lysis and how it could be used to cure diseases if the user is proficient enough. This intrigued her for some reason, and she started to realize that using the powers of seduction could only be so helpful in the long run. She thought to herself: "What is it that I am doing here? What did my parents put me in this school for?" She could make herself feel superior by creating her network of contract partners, but to be truly superior she would have to live up to her family name and become a doctor like her parents. On one hand, it was only right that she pursue healing magic, as it would make her an even more desirable partner in a pactum, but on the other hand she felt as though she was only doing it out of obligation for her family, who had done so much and deserved to at least have her become what was expected of a Beauchamp. 

So, entering her final year of secondary school, she walks forward with her head held high and hope for the future that she could become a magician of high social standing like her parents. Although she may not be the best at understanding how to use healing magic, she studies hard and keeps the theory cemented in her brain for the fateful day where she will finally understand how to use healing magic like a pro. She knows she will. It will happen. She's a Beauchamp, after all.

But then again, it doesn't hurt to keep her partners around. Just in case.

:bulletblue: She puts her pactum mark anywhere on her temporary contract's body using a special gold stamp given to her by her parents. It uses an enchanted ink that is guaranteed to last for at least a month and a half on skin before beginning to rub or wash off.
:bulletblue: Her proficiency in healing is just enough for a passing grade, but because her studies are specialized towards her specialty as of now, she still looks as though she's passing with flying colours.
:bulletblue: She only intends to learn healing magic for the sake of being a more desirable partner. The family obligation thing comes second to her priorities, but she can't really tell anyone that.
:bulletblue: Her tutor taught her English because it was a necessity, but she speaks with a very heavy French accent. She also only knows dutch because her parents know it and had her take a few extra classes in Dutch as well.
:bulletblue: Her favourite genre of music is jazz, but she has recently gotten into 
Yéyé thanks to the stylings of Francoise Hardy. She mostly just listens to music to relax in her dorm room; she has an entire shelf dedicated to her records.
:bulletblue: Her favourite desserts are croustillons and stroopwafels and is sad to find that it's nearly impossible to find croustillons anywhere on campus. She petitioned the cafeteria to help her acquire these heavenly dough balls but they declined.
:bulletblue: Her taste in food is very expensive, but as a result her palette is highly varied. Finding a savoury food she likes is not very hard.
:bulletred: She is currently in the process of selecting her temp contracts! Please, don't everyone sign up all at once now




Willpower: 2

Soul Power: 1

Knowledge: 1

Social: 4

Wisdom: 2


Stamina: 3

Capacity: 6

Strength: 1

Magic: 7

Speed: 3



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