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November 13, 2012
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ABS: Rina Tulau App by okamaka ABS: Rina Tulau App by okamaka


Now with the new clothes she's managed to procure from a certain Necros boutique after a long night of searching and evading authorities!

They'd definitely have forgotten her face by now. She's sure of it.

Name: Rina Tulau

Age: 19

Race: Rosa

Height: 5'6"

Country: Rosalia

Personality: She's been described as many things: friendly, funny, sociable, diligent, airheaded, clumsy, helpful, and the list goes on. However, that's only thanks to the years of being a waitress showing her professional side to a customer. In reality, she's still friendly, but she's not as helpful, diligent, or airheaded as the customers think she is. She's actually just a cheerful, eccentric, confident, dependable girl that's capable of acting far more shrewd than you'd expect. For a customer, she'd put on whatever personality they'd want her to, and that's what made her known in the restaurant, as "the girl that did exactly what you would expect from her." (That doesn't make all that much sense, but the gist of it is- Ah, you know what I mean.)
More than half the time,though, she would spend the conversation trying to analyze you, wondering what sort of responses you would like to see. She treats everyone as a "customer" at first, doing her best not to anger them in any way possible. Once she gets more comfortable, however, she would start slipping away from the facade and start acting like herself, but the "herself" that she shows to each "customer" is always different. She's good at putting on airs like that.

History: It's not like she's tired of the pay or anything (since the only real "pay" she gets is tips because her family owns the restaurant), it's just that working at the restaurant is starting to get pretty boring. She'd been working at her family's restaurant "Tulau's" (what a catchy name, eh) as a waitress since she was 14, as per the norm of her family, and she was feeling that she couldn't just be tied down to this job her entire life. She thought she needed to do something better; something more interesting than this. She wanted to follow in her older sister's footsteps and go exploring the continent or something like that.

She has two sisters, by the way, an older one, Cara, that's turning 30 in two months, and a younger one, Tohri, age 16. Rina and Tohri both always admired the older Cara and her cool demeanor. Cara left when she turned 25 in order to pursue a different career path, as she also thought that being a mere waitress was just "not her style." She left to become an information broker in the black market, as the rumour goes, but Rina only finds this as another reason to love how her cool older sister probably went and did something cool again.

Because of her older sister's influence, she also had a passion for exploring, and would often go out to some part of the jungle she hadn't been yet every weekend. She'd ended up teaching herself many survival skills and such thanks to the fact that she got lost 3 out of 5 time, but she still enjoys the experience and continues to do so, improving her jungling skills each time. Thus, when she heard about the new continent of Aura being discovered, she thought that this would be a great opportunity to finally break away from the waitress business and become a traveler. She told her father of this decision and she was met with surprisingly good will, even receiving her family's Lazuli pendant from her father as a keepsake for her travels.
The whole "race for control of the land" did not concern her in the slightest. Her reason for aligning with her country and wanting to become a traveler would be that she wanted to experience something "new" and "unknown." It's more of a selfish desire rather than a love her country that spurs her to venture forth into a potentially dangerous new land like that. To her, Aura is merely a blank canvas waiting for her to paint herself all over it.

She doesn't tell this to the council members, of course, but what they don't know won't kill them, right...?

Additional information:

:bulletblue: Her weapon is literally just the largest kitchen knife she could find in the whole restaurant. She realized she needed to carry it with her in the jungle after he first expedition, which resulted in a lot of injuries that could've been avoided if she brought a knife with her. Therefore, she asked her little sister Tohri to fashion some sort of scabbard she could fasten to her legs for quick access.

:bulletblue: "Learning from experience" could be the best way to describe her ability with that knife. Throughout the years of roughing it in the jungle every weekend, she's managed to become competent enough to fend off some pretty nasty, large animals with her knife. Out in the unknown, she trusts that knife more than anything.

:bulletblue: The Lazuli pendants she wears is a family symbol, known as a tradition in the Tulau family. When a member of the family decides to set off on some sort of journey, they're to be given this pendant as a symbol of good luck and protection. Although this is just old tradition and the pendant is made from store-bought Lazuli, Rina still takes the meaning of the tradition to heart, and values the pendant over her own life. It's something she's very proud of, building the courage to finally confront her father about becoming a traveler, and she believes that losing the pendant would be akin to betraying her father's trust.

:bulletblue:Apparently her older sister Cara also received a similar pendant when she set off to pursue her career, but bad talk and rumours about her lead people to suggest that she'd already sold it for a quick source of cash. Rina doesn't believe this, though, and still believes in her older sister, even if she hadn't seen her in 5 years.

:bulletblue: She has a surprisingly good sense of hearing, and her leg strength is rather formidable. This is probably only because she's trained herself to develop these things from practically living in the jungle every chance she could.

:bulletblue: She loves jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces and such, but she absolutely hates getting a piercing anywhere on her body. Although most other Rosas she knows have a piercing or two on their ears, she vehemently refuses to let any sharp objects near her ears. She thinks that her sense of hearing will be impeded by trinkets cluttering her ears, and her sense of hearing has saved her life a few times in the past.

:bulletblue: Although she goes to the jungle every weekend, she also always made sure to set aside two weeks each season to stay the entire fortnight in the jungle, living off the land. "It builds character!" She says. Thanks to her drive for exploring like this, her family wasn't all that surprised by her wanting to become a traveler.

:bulletblue: She lost her old pendant and her clothes after staying on the Necros/Crispin ship for a while. She got new clothes by trading it for some of Oona's silk from a gown she lent Rina while they stopped at a small island for supplies (and Oona is absolutely livid about this)

:bulletblue: Now in Necros, she sold her old clothes for a bit of coin and decided to haggle her way through the rest. Since she fetched a surprisingly high price for her lazuli, she tried to see if she could buy any of the really expensive clothing, but somehow found herself in the shady part of town, yet again. The store she bought her clothes from had a variety of other ..."garments"... but she wasn't able to remember clearly as she was chased out by authorities after stealing half of the bustier she's wearing now.

:bulletblue: Life of crime, Rina, you're just turning into your sister.

Relationship chart tba i guess (◡‿◡✿)
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